Trading Rules


If we have not negotiate otherwise I suggest to follow these guides:

  1. Please use Disc-at-once recordings only (Usually track-at-once recordings have these 2 sec. gaps between songs)

  2. Please use blanks with some names and avoid the thin ones. If you want to know more about blanks and their quality I recommend to read this article.

  3. Please don't place any fillers on the discs! I prefer to have only one show on the disc(s) and not a "compilation" of different performances.

  4. Usually I send the cd-r's without jewel cases to reduce transport costs

  5. I do only trade for Stevie Ray Vaughan, Gary Moore and Peter Green, so don't ask me to trade for others

  6. I don't accept blank trades anymore. Don't even try to ask, please!

  7. I really want to have a boot as close to the original as possible, so if you have cover scans please provide them in any way (e. g. send them via email)

  8. It's no problem for me to copy videos (only PAL-SECAM), so if you want some just ask!

  9. Finally, stay in touch with me during the trading process. Drop me a line when you send or receive the cd-r's.