Alabamahalle, Munich, Germany (1984-08-27)

The Television Broadcast runs 45 minutes so this show is incomplete. So far I never met a trader who has the complete show on video!

El Mocambo, Toronto, Ontario (1983-11-07)

Little Wing is not on the official El Mocambo DVD but I have a copy of it on a VHS tape. The quality is not as good as the DVD but I would rate it as B.

In Session, CHCH Studios, Hamilton, Ontario (1983-12-06)

INCOMPLETE (B-/B+, 2 sources)

Umbria Jazz Festival, Perugia, Italy (1985-07-14)

INCOMPLETE (only 2 1/2 tracks)

University of Buffalo, Baird Point, Buffalo, NY (1984-03-??)

B-, Two different sources

Saturday Night Live, NBC Studios, New York City, NY (1986-02-15)

INCOMPLETE (only "Say What!")