My Stevie Ray Vaughan Import CD Collection

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I´m always interested in getting new bootlegs. I´ve got a CD-Writer and so it is no problem for me to copy any audio CD. 
See my trading rules for more details. If you are interested please mail me.

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CD Details are taken from Bob Willmot´s SRV "Import" CD list.

Wondering what I will receive next? Here's my incoming bootlist

The boots on each page are listed in chronological order (altogether currently 426 shows). 

(Last updated: 2006-06-17)

Description of the Status field:

OK    =    I have listened to the boot and can confirm that it is complete. It does exact match the entry in the Gig Database
Info    =   There are some differences between the Gig Database and my version of the boot
-        =    I have not lend an ear to the boot. I cannot confirm that the setlist is complete